Debbie Shriver: Thanks supporters of Valley Syrian Relief

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Thanks supporters of Valley Syrian Relief

The Valley Syrian Relief Committee extends its gratitude to the many western Massachusetts residents who turned out for our program Oct. 1, “Inside Syria’s Detention Camps: What the World Needs to Know.”

We are particularly grateful to the 24 co-sponsoring, faith-based and other community organizations which publicized the event to their membership. Their efforts turned out well over 100 people to learn about the horrendous torture and murders of tens of thousands of innocent Syrian men, women and children by the Assad regime.

Our speaker, Mazen Al Hamada, a survivor of 18 months in a Syrian detention camp, was incredibly heartened by the compassion and kindness shown by the audiences he spoke to. The Refugees in Distress Club, as well as the students and faculty at Amherst Regional High School deserve special recognition for making it possible for Al Hamada to spend the day sharing his story with four groups of students and faculty.

At a time when we are plagued with problems in our own country, it is easy to forget that those living in Syria are continuing to die in prisons, and that the Assad regime is continuing to bomb medical facilities and other civilian targets, while significant portions of Syria continue to be under siege from the regime, as well as ISIS.

The Valley Syrian Relief Committee thanks all those who continue to demonstrate their concern for those who are suffering in Syria. Should you wish to learn more about actions you can take to help, please contact valleysyrianrelief@gmail.com.

Debbie Shriver

South Deerfield

The letter also was signed by other committee members Michael Kane and Sara Weinberger.