Sue Davis: Political corruption resolution valid local issue

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Resolution about political corruption valid local issue

I read with interest the Feb. 14 article (“Voters asked to send an anti-corruption message to state, feds”) regarding the South Hadley Select Board’s consideration of the resolution put forward by Represent.Us addressing political corruption.

Of particular interest was the debate over whether it belonged in the local domain. As long as political campaigns are paid for by deep-pocketed individuals and corporations, tax money will be diverted to their pet projects, drawing resources away from our communities that are struggling to educate our kids, pave our streets and keep us safe. I have no doubt this is a local issue.

I also think that this is an important time to strengthen the use of grassroots politics to speak up about issues on the state and national level. I hope that our town democratic structures stay strong and solid, and can inform politics happening at other levels in the country.

Although not a member of the local Represent.Us chapter, when I heard about Represent Western Mass’ efforts to introduce this in cities and towns across our region, I was excited to learn I could bring this opportunity to my friends and neighbors in my town of Williamsburg at our upcoming Town Meeting.

The group has provided guidance and assistance, and along the way I have helped others learn about the great work Represent Western Mass is doing. There are many other towns where this resolution could be offered. If you are interested in participating, I recommend you contact the group at RepWMa@gmail.com.

Sue Davis