Stephen Lentner: Praises three courageous Republican senators

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Praises three courageous Republican senators

Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain have saved, for millions of Americans, the only health insurance available to them.

These courageous legislators did what most of their peers would not — act on behalf of the people. The stumbling, bumbling effort to discredit and repeal former President Barack Obama’s legacy legislation has ended resoundingly.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and all of the others had and have no replacement plan. They acted strictly politically, to satisfy a 30 percent base of insurance men, Kool-Aid drinkers and shortsighted partisans.

These Tweetster puppets did their scheming in secret, in the dark and with input only from those who agreed with them. They were unaided by a president culpably ignorant and oblivious to details or substance.

His predecessor held hundreds of bipartisan hearings, included insurers, patients and hospitals in the discussion and was directly involved in crafting the legislation which bears his name.

The will of the people prevailed in the end, thanks to Democrats and three Republicans who looked past their own noses and did the right thing.

Stephen Lentner