New Chef, New Menu Raises the Bar At Fishtales

Back in the 1600s when the town of Hatfield was incorporated, it was best known for its production of cattle, sheep and corn. These days, as Hatfield’s Fishtales restaurant launches a new menu under the guidance of a new chef and energized leadership team, it can also be known for great seafood.

The new menu aims to maintain the traditional favorites the Hatfield community has come to love while expanding the community’s palate with creative cuisine the chef has brought from the Boston restaurant scene that he acquired over the past ten years.

Chef Matt making bread from scratch.

Chef Matt is teamed with general manager Keri MacPherson (Kelliher) and together the two are a front-of-house, back-of-house force to be reckoned with!

The fresh native seafood served at Fishtales is delivered daily from the Boston seaport. Providing ocean fresh seafood and a great dining experience for the community of Hatfield.

Elevating the Traditional, Introducing the Innovative

Chef Matt says his focus is on, housemade, handmade from scratch is our priority.

“With those traditional things, Matt has elevated them,” Keri says. “Regulars who have been coming here for more than ten years say, things taste so much better.”

From there, the team wants to bring new flavors to the table, including lamb, duck, charcuterie, imported cheeses, and creative approaches to locally sourced seasonal vegetables.

On the other hand, Matt says, “Were not trying to turn this into a fine dining restaurant -- but we’re going to serve that quality food.”

“It’s fine dining without the stress of fine dining,” Keri chimes in.

“Foie gras in flip-flops,” Matt finishes.

All About Hospitality

For all three members of the leadership team, making the customer feel right at home is a top priority.

“I’m a trained chef,” Matt says, “but I was also trained in restaurants that are huge hospitality restaurants so I was trained in that, too. There aren’t a lot of ‘nos!’ that come out of my mouth.”

“All the staff we have, we’re all very close. We work together a lot. We’re like a big family. I want the customers who come in here to feel like they’re part of our little family too,” Keri says.

Ideal Customer Experience

Which leads both Matt and Keri to imagine what the ideal customer experience they’re trying to create is.

“A woman at the bar the other night asked them to send the chef out,” Keri says. “She said, ‘that was the most delicious meal I ever had.’”

“I got hugged,” Matt laughs.

That goes a long way to show just how much Fishtales’ customers love the menu and the hospitality the restaurant brings to Hatfield.

Fishtales Bar and Grill is located at 5 School St. in Hatfield, MA. Visit their website at