Southampton Police step up handicap parking violations, 3 ticketed



Published: 05-17-2017 9:46 PM

SOUTHAMPTON — Officers seized three misused handicap placards last week in an effort to crack down on those who illegally park in handicap spaces.

Lt. Ian Illingsworth said the department typically checks for placards of cars parked in handicapped spaces as a matter of routine patrol, but officers upped enforcement last week as part of a state Registry of Motor Vehicle initiative called Placard Abuse Prevention Week.

“We stepped it up a little more,” Illingsworth said about the placard checks.

Between May 6 and May 13, police conducted more than 100 compliance checks, seizing three for misuse.

Police say the misuse of a placards in Massachusetts results in a $500 fine, 30-day license suspension if found responsible and seizure of the placard.

“With over 100 checks and only three violations of misuse, it’s great to see that the majority of people are in compliance with their placards in Southampton,” police posted on Facebook.

Illingsworth said two people were using placards of their deceased spouses.

Some people misinterpret when it’s OK to use placards, which are designed to allow a shorter walking distance for someone with disabilities. If the person with the disability does not get out of the car, it is illegal to park in the handicap space, Illingsworth said.

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In Easthampton, officer Chad Alexander said the department was involved in the prevention initiative. He said officers on patrol paid extra attention to handicap placards, but did not report any violations.

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