Sarah Buttenwieser: Supports ambitious women for Legislature

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Published: 5/31/2018 10:05:07 PM
Supports ambitious women campaigning for Legislature

Not to date everything to November 2016, but horror is lodged in my throat that for reasons beyond fathom the most capable presidential candidate isn’t president now.

And in the ramp-up to that election and over the months since then, I’ve found myself thinking a great deal about ambition — particularly ambitious women. I’ve reached a pretty mundane conclusion: ambitious women are frowned upon.

Back to the rage — it has resurfaced quite frequently in the long months since, kind of like heartburn if you were to eat the offending food anyway (in my case, it’s Donald Trump and the GOP and an insatiable appetite for news I can’t tear myself away from despite the persistent hole in my stomach).

However, I have discovered a partial remedy and I’d like to share it with you. I am full-bore supporting two progressive, capable, personable and ambitious women for local office, Lindsay Sabadosa for state representative in the 1st Hampshire District and Chelsea Kline for state Senate.

I want to be very direct about the fact that I leaped at the opportunity to support these candidates. I admire each woman deeply. I had already felt that way for a long time. That’s because Sabadosa and Kline embody the kind of representation we need in 2018 — they live as sincerely as any people I know.

There is no dabbling to their dedication. There is living, breathing walk-the-walk service to our community and to ideals that will help to make our community stronger if they have the opportunity to represent our region.

Both have lobbied and engaged with elected officials. They have each worked upon causes as diverse as health care, reproductive justice, education, and championing women — Sabadosa through Emerge and Kline through the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact — to cite just two examples. 

Both women have already determined their commitment to taking leadership in our community. Ambition and leadership are mighty partners.

I understand people worry about whether they are adequately prepared. Here’s my answer: they know something of what they’re getting into and are also amenable to wise counsel and to coaching.

That’s to say they are fresh but not, to borrow a phrase, cocky. They are both confident. And determined. And willing to learn, wanting to learn in order to represent our community as it most definitely deserves.

We remember that some people saw Hillary Clinton as overly prepared. Back to my original point: our job is to become comfortable with ambitious women. We need ambitious women in our quest to reach for a brighter future.

I am personally glad to note that both these women are parents. Both have been or are single parents. Both have remained active in the community alongside demanding family commitments. Both know the issues.

So, what we have are two strong candidates bringing energy, knowledge, commitment and ambition to their bids for the Statehouse. Let’s get them elected.

Sarah Buttenwieser


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