Subscriber Terms

All home delivery subscribers can expect to find Corridor Magazine inserted into the Daily Hampshire Gazette. It debuts on Tuesday March 6, 2018 and continues each quarter thereafter.

The 2018 publication dates are: 03/05, 06/05, 09/04, 10/04.

Saturday-only subscribers will receive a bonus day on the same Saturday publication dates with Corridor Magazine.  All Daily Hampshire Gazette home delivery subscribers will receive Corridor Magazine for an additional $1.50 charge per publication. That’s more than 74% off the magazine’s newsstand rate. Subscribers will experience a slightly earlier renewal date resulting from this charge OR the extra charges will result in a slight increase in the charge to your bank or payment card account for the payment immediately following the magazine publication.

To opt-out of Corridor Magazine, please contact Subscriber Services at (413) 586-1925.

Effective in 2018: Opt-out credit is restricted to $1.50 per year, per account, for copies served unless the opt-out request was made at the original subscription sale/start. Opt-out does not apply to 2018 bonus day copies.

VACATION STOP/RESTART POLICY: As part of your All Access home delivery subscription, subscribers who request a temporary vacation stop will continue with digital access, which will allow access to all on-line content, including the digital replica of the newspaper. You may also request to have your print newspapers held and delivered upon your return. Credit will not be issued for vacation stops. If you haven't registered your account for All Access yet, call customer service at 413-586-1925.

ALL ACCESS: Subscribers electing All Access subscriptions, that include home delivery of the print edition, are valid only in areas where home delivery is available. Your subscription includes access to content through our website, the e-Newspaper, mobile sites and home delivery of the print frequency you elected.

EZ PAY: I understand that automatic authorizations are in effect until I notify the newspaper and my financial institution, in writing, that I no longer desire to participate in EZ PAY and provide the newspaper reasonable time (3 business days) after receipt of my notification to act on my notification. If corrections in the debit or charge amount are necessary, it may involve adjustment (credit or debit) to my account. I have the right to receive notice of all varying debits or charges, but hereby elect to only receive notice when the change results from a change in the subscription rate. In the event of any rate changes (excluding the initial promotional period rate change), the newspaper mails a notice at least (30) days prior to the scheduled debit. I have the right to stop payment of a debit by notifying my financial institution on the terms designated by my financial institution and I understand that I am subject to any fees and terms imposed by my financial institution. I understand that cancellation of my participation in the EZ PAY program does not cancel my subscription to the newspaper, only the method of payment terms, and I will receive a bill for copies served and for the duration of my subscription term.