Ralph J. Dolan: Time for the new American revolution

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Published: 7/11/2018 7:58:32 PM
Time for the new American revolution

All hail to the American empire. May she soon collapse, as all empires do, under the weight of her own festering depravity into the smoldering abyss of history

This American empire is a laughing hyena gorging herself upon the flesh of fresh kill. The fresh kill is you, my friend. The fresh kill is me. The harvest is plentiful. It extends to all the continents.

If you peel away the top-most layers of the contemporary American scene you would find a fascist political structure rapidly taking shape — before our eyes.

Abandon all ideas of “democracy,” “liberty” and “equality.” These have become the empty buzzwords of those who practice the dark arts of propaganda.

We, the lambs being led to the slaughter, move along the rickety, wooden corridors and holding pens of our confinement. We are herded here, there, made to live in little boxes, made to work in little boxes, made to follow arbitrary rules, made to give allegiance to illegitimate authority, made to be obedient, hard-working, taxpaying drones — or else.

The artificial intelligence that runs the American empire will find a way to strip you of all those sacred bonds among the people, bonds that create strong communities. It will make absolutely everything for sale — even the air you breathe, even your life. And all the laws will leave you out.

The American empire must be seen as a reckless, insatiable addict. The addict is hell-bent to feed us all into the addiction. She will devour and devour until Mother Earth is completely ravaged, all the populations cleansed, all the seas dead, all the air poisoned. She is blinded by the lust to gorge. She cannot see that she’s now a snake devouring her own tail.

The American Empire dares to desecrate Mother Earth. And the lambs — that’s us — just shuffle back and forth in our confinement. The empire kindly anesthetizes her victims with vapid TV and cheap takeout while she feeds on your vital organs and lifelines.

The empire makes sure it has the best, the most advanced weaponry to keep us all in line. She never tires in her efforts to keep the wealth of the nation cascading into her own coffers. We give her the resources so that she can devise ever more effective ways to spy on all of us.

It’s time for the new American revolution.

Ralph J. Dolan


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