Area property deed transfers, July 4



Published: 07-03-2024 8:55 AM


Elliott Mary J Est and Marita Banda to Dipesh Shrestha and Lilima Shrestha, 170 E. Hadley Road, Lot 15, $315,000


Hilda M. Puente to Jessica Muskin-Pierret, 8 Foxglove Lane, $625,000


Lorraine W. Desrosiers to Melinda Ann Ewen Vivos T and Melinda A. Even, 24 Green Leaves Dr., Lot 401, $220,000


Carol Connare to Ellen Broselow and Daniel L. Finer, 435 Market Hill Road, $735,000

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SbdRET and Martha B. Smith to Eawoftd LLC, 874 N. Pleasant St., $615,000


Nancy K. Gittleman to Thao T. Pham, Old Montague Road, Lot 1, $73,000


Nicole M. Ciocca to Ramona Tomlinson and Tyler J. Tomlinson, 26 Pine Grove, Lot 26, $235,000


Nathan K. Smith and Sarah L. Bunnell to Sunghoon Lee and Hyojin Lee, 55 Woodlot Road, $836,000


Lafleur & Son Inc and Lj Development LLC to Brian P. Leduc and Linda G. Leduc, Franklin St., Lot 222, $75,000

Leah Lamoureux to Dennis J. Oconnor Jr., 271 Hamilton St., $260,000


Karen S. Kuhr to Patrica Crowley, 1 Autumn Dr., $720,000

Karen S. Alexander to HoudaSahyoun and Bonnie Griffiths, 311 East St., Lot 2, $440,000

Philip Leblanc and Samantha Leblanc to Amanda Sharron, 100 Line St., $340,000

Defilippo 2009 RET and Dianne M. Socha to Michael & Joan Lax RET and Michael S. Lax, 6 Lukes Way, Lot 6, $542,400

Carol L. Jennison to Linda Mumford, 10 Plumbrook Dr., $531,000

Dorothy M. Burke to Deborah J. Asselin, 64 South St., Lot 7, $467,000


Veitenheimer Ruby C Est and Mark C. Veitenheimer to Justin E. Fuglestad and Marissa L. Hanley, 51 Kendall St., $307,000

John D. Giroux and Katherine E. Hutchinson to Michelle Bushey, 7 School St., $650,000

Elaine M. Chaloux to Nicole M. Mckinstry, 140 School St., $465,000


Marilyn L. Fifield to Robert Vollinger II, 7 Dwight St., $335,000

Willis Int and Susan A. Willis to Kathleen G. Munro, 62 Main St., Lot 6-4, $325,000

Mark E. Kelleher and Robin M. Kelleher to Daniel J. Jacques and Bethany L. Jacques, 470 Main St., $537,500


Leahy William F Est and Stephanie Lussier to George J. Bushey IV, 61-1/2 Arthur St., $292,500

TaranehMilani-Roohi and Behnam Roohi to Sophia Martinez, 60 Chapin St., Lot F, $177,000

B & B Realty Partners LLC to Real Est Inv Northeast LL, 49 Howard St., $148,000

Francisco M. Ramos to Wayne Steed, 317-319 Linden St., $400,000

Holyoke News Co Inc to Road Star Express Inc., 720 Main St., $700,000

Jolly Jr Robert W Est and Mary L. Lachowetz to Erica Bradley, 76 Merrick Ave., $261,900

Pah Properties LLC to TawandahMusengi, 601 Northampton St., $265,000

Federal Natl Mtg Assn to Joshua J. Abbott Salazar and Evelyn G. Abbott Salazar, 216 W. Franklin St., $234,900


Cwabs Inc and Bk Of Ny Mellon Tr to Sebastian Glebocki, 40 Littleville Road, $44,000


Denise M. Lucas to Matthew J. Clayton and Morgan E. Clayton, 153 Skyline Trl, $302,000


Gena M Downey Lt and Gena M. Downey to Mark L. Mervine and Barbara B. Mervine, 392 Bridge St., $315,000

Renee S. Westein to Jeffrey T. Barton and Gabrielle A. Matese, 17 Harrison Ave., $407,500

Nancy Padula to Robert C Ferber RET and Robert C. Ferber, 60 Laurel Park, Lot 60, $139,000

Minh H. Le and Lizabeth M. Torres to Colin D. Chickles and Shelda T. Chickles, 84 Longview Dr., $370,000

Bettie F. Farber to Susan B. Edelstein, 24 Murphy Terrace, $455,000

Shannon B. Reilly to Brady Giroux and Christi Giroux, 35 New South St., Lot 301, $499,000

Odette Levy to James King and Hannah Arbuthnot, 2 Pomeroy Terrace, Lot 1, $480,000

Lindsay Hunter and Olivia Scherzer to ShiraBettinger Lt and Shira Bettinger, 311 Prospect St., $930,000

D J Narkewicz & Y Mikich and David J. Narkewicz to Steven R. Roszko Jr. and Niveen Ismail, 31 South Park Terrace, $725,000

Marjorie A. Shearer and Peter L. Shearer to Dexter D. Dong and Kiah Crowley, 160 South St., $775,000

Loretta Yargeau to Evelene H. Hawley and Stephen D. Hawley, 30 Village Hill Road, Lot 111, $335,000

Loretta Yargeau to Evelene H. Hawley and Stephen D. Hawley, 30 Village Hill Road, Lot S8, $335,000

Dtj Properties LLC to Kirkpatrick Realty LLC, 8 Villone Dr., $1,400,000


Elias D. Os and Mariana D. Cortes to Hannah Laue, 11 Central Ave., $419,000

Jaswinder Kour to Joshua M. Kranz, 15 Tampa St, $330,000


Rgb Idustries Inc. to Mary Britton, 29 Bluemer Road, $315,000

Alexander Kozodoy and Natalya Kozodoy to James Barry Jr. and Kirsten Holmberg, 19 Duggan Lane, $595,000

Scarfo Const Co Inc. to Kbip LLC, Southampton Road, $375,000

Scarfo Constructions Inc. to Kbip LLC, Southampton Road, $375,000

Joyce E. Bard and Robert Bard to Alexppark LLC, 52 Valley Road, $342,000


Daigle Claire C Est and Pamela J. Cappel to Mtg Assets Mgmts Series I and Bk Of Ny Mellon T Co Na T, 21 Old Belchertown Road, $282,044

Christopher A. Hubbard and Emilie Hubbard to Wesley D. Mariere and Christa L. Mariere, 15 Sherman Hill Road, $437,500


Annabelle Belden to Hannah Laird, 65 Chesterfield Road, $63,500


David W. Whitcomb and Catherine B. Whitcomb to Mariam Massaro, Harvey Road, $80,000

Franklin County


Lorna E. Sevene to Daniel M. Kuzmeskus and Marilyn J. Kuzmeskus, Upper Road, $95,000


J.G. Bernhard Trust and John G. Bernhard to Adam V. Wellen, 315 Montague Road, $427,000


Steven D. Chamberlin Revocable Trust and Steven D. Chamberlin. to Todd D. Sikorski and Meghan E. Sikorski, 194 Montague Road, $785,000

Robert L. Hesseltine Family Trust and Robert L. Hesseltine to Dallas Hubert and Trevor Fil, 70 Plumtree Road, $509,000


Michael R. Sorrell 2022 Trust and Michael R. Sorrell to Michael Busa, 105 Webber Road, $173,300