Phoebe Sheldon and Heather Hall: Suggest Hatfield needs constructive dialogue

Friday, March 09, 2018
Suggest Hatfield needs constructive dialogue

As members of the Hatfield community, we would like to strongly disagree with both the content and the tone of the recent letter titled “Objects to decision on Hatfield town jobs” (March 7).

The sentiments expressed in this letter do nothing toward constructive dialogue and the pursuit of solutions for the very difficult situation the town of Hatfield finds itself in vis-a-vis the management of its finances.

Impugning the ethics of the Select Board members is hurtful and an insult to the many citizens of Hatfield who are working hard to dig this town out of a mess many years in the making.

The two positions of treasurer and collector mentioned must be elected from the citizenry of Hatfield as our law stands. This leaves Hatfield with the difficult task of finding a citizen willing to run for office who is qualified to do these increasingly complicated municipal jobs.

The Select Board was entirely within its rights to appoint someone to serve out the term of the treasurer/collector who recently quit. The town is lucky that the Board found a capable person with experience who is willing to come out of retirement and take on this enormous challenge for 26 months.

Let us support rather than denigrate with wild accusations those who are working diligently to help the citizens of Hatfield.

Phoebe Sheldon
and Heather Hall