Peter Weitzman: Questions value of tax legislation victory

  • jacoblund

Thursday, December 07, 2017
Questions value of tax legislation ‘victory’

We arrive at this point, where sweeping legislation is passed in the dark of night with no hearings, and Republicans themselves admit they hadn’t read the legislation.

The demolition of the institution of objective news has almost been completed by the man responsible to uphold our Constitution and provide moral guidance to our population.

The outing of sexual predators is finally happening, and yet Republicans in power and others continue to cast their multitude of accusers as liars.

The unambiguous fact of Russian interference and, yes, collusion in installing a Republican in the White House has caused Republicans to pronounce, “We don’t really care about the Russian imbroglio, our main concern is the deficit,” even as that lie has been made plain by the current tax plan.

There is a magical belief that somehow climate change isn’t real, and therefore it is smart policy to stop investing in alternative energy, let China corner the market, and bring our focus back on coal and drilling in sensitive environmental areas.

The longtime Republican dream of dismantling the social safety net will be made real with cuts to those programs to be justified by needing to rein in the more important deficit.

The myth of the independent pioneer (the real pioneers had to live communally in order to survive) holds the greatest power in Republican lexicon, with Reagan, the mythical god, still informing who we think as embodying the true American spirit.

Is the dismantling of our social safety net and our health care system, our leadership in trying to avert climate-based disasters, our standing as a beacon to the world, perhaps our very system of government, worth this “victory” of tax legislation?

Peter Weitzman