Wendy Parrish: ‘What’s the point of reading someone just to agree with them?’

Published: 1/16/2019 2:17:50 PM

Brian Cooper brought up some good points in his letter on the snuffing of conservative voices. As someone who moved here from conservative suburban Houston about three years ago, I can assure you that it wasn’t that different there for me. There were things I just had to listen to at work, and things I chose not to share so that I wouldn’t affect working relationships. Even here, there are the parallels of people losing their “Black Lives Matter” and “I don’t care where you’re from” signs on their lawns.

Opinion-related reviews of businesses is juvenile bullying. “He got his comeuppance” is a poor justification because it’s based on tearing someone down and not on bolstering one’s own strength (or the strength of one’s position). My business goes whenever possible to people who produce good products and who treat me with respect, as though I were an intelligent person. I try to do the same in return.

Dr. Fleitman’s latest column was excellent; it was more about pointing out what he wanted to say, and not just poking sarcastic fun at others (yeah, he does that too much for my liking; it detracts from the content). Sure I disagreed with much of the content, but what’s the point of reading someone just to agree with them? What’s the answer? Well, none of us can change someone else; all we can do is to understand where we want to go (and where we want our city, state, country and world to go), and do our best to head in that direction. The other thing we can do is to reevaluate our goals and opinions periodically because we might be wrong, and conditions might have changed.

Easy answers to complex situations are almost always wrong, or at least hurtful to massive numbers of people.

Wendy Parrish

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