Carole Oyler: ‘The status quo must go’

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Published: 12/22/2020 4:34:06 PM

With the departure of Trump, many people are feeling an enormous sense of relief. However, let’s be thoughtful: Is replacing a vile president with a more pleasing personality all that America needs? Inauguration represents a change of an individual, but not necessarily a significant change of direction. This is where America’s problem lies. Progress requires fundamental change. Our systems are decrepit, our direction disastrous, and options for recovery are restricted by dysfunctional politics.

Current domestic failures: collapsing health care, exploitative economy, and climate change, racial animosity, culture wars with civic and class conflict; along with a failed foreign policy, perpetual war, massive military spending, international domination and conflict instead of cooperation. All are like knives in the body of our nation.

The Green-Rainbow Party asserts the necessity of doing better. Do we wish to inaugurate merely the image of a kinder, gentler president of the status quo? No. We will work to inaugurate a change for our country. We work to inaugurate support for the working class and poor via specific demands that lead to healing and progress. These demands prioritize: a moratorium on evictions, Medicare for All, green jobs through a Green New Deal.

The ongoing crises in our economy, environment and politics require us to consistently let the new administration know that the status quo must go.

Carole Oyler


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