Nancy Sykes: Backs LaChapelle for growth

  • mactrunk

Monday, November 06, 2017
LaChapelle right mayor for Easthampton to grow

When I was a young girl, it was very popular to sign high school yearbooks with, “Stay the same as you are.” It was a compliment.

As I matured, I realized in order to be a vibrant, alive, contributing human being you had to open yourself to change, to new ideas and new experiences.

In a letter published Oct. 31, the writer asks Easthampton to stay the same as it is. I believe he meant it as a compliment. For Easthampton to grow into an even more vibrant and contributing city, this is not good advice.

Nicole LaChapelle as Easthampton’s mayor will not only take care of the “nuts and bolts” of management, but lead our city into an even greater understanding of our potential.

Nancy Sykes