Nancy Craker-Yahman: Praises students’ mosaic at Jones Library

  • mactrunk

Sunday, December 17, 2017
Praises students’ mosaic at Jones Library in Amherst

On a recent visit to the Jones Library, I was taken aback by an integrative arts display featuring the creative talents and thoughts of seventh-grade social studies students from the Amherst Regional Middle School.

Their class project was to design and create a mosaic depicting one of the 30 articles dedicated to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The students work paid tribute to international Human Rights Day, which was held Dec. 12.

I was drawn to each student’s article representation not only because each of their mosaics was colorful and intricately designed but because the students each shared their personal thoughts, visions and connections to the article they chose to represent.

As I took the time to read and study each mosaic, I experienced feelings of happiness and hope. I felt happiness because students were encouraged to study a topic that is of immense importance and because they were able to experiment with their creativity and design a piece of artwork that was unique and their own.

A feeling of hope resonated with me as I read the students’ thoughts about our world and their place in it. Reading their thoughts in connection to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was very powerful.

I applaud the team of teachers who took the initiative to plan such an important teaching unit and to expose and introduce students to learn and better understand the importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I am very proud of this group of students and their understanding toward how everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and how all people should be allowed to worship freely, receive an education and have opportunities to travel, own property, marry and speak their opinion.

All of this fills me with hope during these turbulent global times and I am proud to learn that there are plenty of young adults who will continue to work hard to make our world a more peaceful, loving and humane place.

Nancy Craker-Yahman