Myrna Flynn: Must love both woman and fetus

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Must love woman and fetus

I’m curious to know how many women, in its 32-year history, the Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts followed up with after encouraging and funding their abortions (“45 years of Roe v. Wade,” Feb. 12).

In the interest of obtaining additional “evidence-based” data, I wonder how those women would answer this: Would you have had an abortion if you had instead been supported and honored for choosing life?

Yes, women’s health, physical and mental, does matter. Yet abortion is not health care. And it certainly does not enhance a woman’s mental well-being. Why do we continue to tell ourselves and our daughters otherwise?

In a 2016 National Review article, former abortion-rights advocate Frederica Mathewes-Green wrote, “Nobody wants to have an abortion. And if nobody wants to have an abortion, why are women doing it 2,800 times a day? If women are doing something 2,800 times daily that they don’t want to do, this is not liberation we’ve won. We are colluding in a strange new form of oppression.”

I do agree with the Guttmacher Institute’s Liza Fuentes, as she said at the Feb. 10 event, that “good public health relies on credible science.” Embryology tells us that abortion, even at four weeks post-conception, stops an individual’s heartbeat, an individual with a distinct set of DNA from the woman sustaining it.

Since Roe, 60 million Americans have lost their lives to abortion. So contrary to what Fuentes said, legalized abortion doesn’t save lives. Love saves lives.

Why not work together to aid, financially and culturally, the superheroes who choose life as single mothers, rally around teens and women who are birth mothers and ease the process for adoptive parents? As an educated, caring and wealthy country, we can figure this out.

Daughters, despite what you have been told, you are strong enough. Sons, you have a role in this, too. Do your part.

Woman and fetus (Latin word meaning “offspring”) — consider the impact on our future if we loved them both.

Myrna Flynn