Mary Fister: Cites Lonnie Kaufman’s experience, character

Monday, November 06, 2017
Cites Lonnie Kaufman’s experience, character

I offer my unreserved endorsement to Lonnie Kaufman for Ward 6 School Committee representative in Northampton.

I have known Kaufman for close to 15 years. Our daughters are close friends. He brings 30 years of rich experience to the School Committee as a teacher, counselor and volunteer. He has served on the Ryan Road council, and later on the Northampton High School council.

Before starting his educational consulting business, he worked at the University of Massachusetts for 17 years conducting research with schools and nonprofits while highlighting effective educational approaches. This work provided him with wonderful opportunities to visit hundreds of schools at all grade levels, where he gained invaluable insight from educators about what is needed to ensure outstanding teaching that creates a vibrant and engaged learning environment for all students.

As a neighbor, fellow parent and friend, I find Kaufman’s level of dedication to his work, family, and what he believes in is unparalleled. He is constantly thinking of new approaches to a particular challenge, and loves to listen to others’ ideas, so that he can collaborate with them in order to bring about positive change.

He is one of the most steadfast, reliable and trustworthy people that I know. Such integrity is hard to come by. He continues to thrive on learning whatever there is to learn about any situation he is presented with. He manages to combine these attributes with a great sense of humor.

Between his experience and character, Lonnie Kaufman is a great asset as Ward 6 School Committee representative.

Mary Fister