A Look Back, Oct. 28


For the Gazette

Published: 10-27-2023 11:00 PM

200 Years Ago

■The Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society held their annual Cattle Show, Exhibition of Manufactures, etc., in Northampton on Wednesday and Thursday last. A large concourse of citizens was brought together by the occasion, and harmony and good feeling prevailed.

■Merino bucks! Reserved from Bates and Henshaw’s stock, a number of bucks are for sale. They have been once shorn. The average price of them is $10. Those who may wish to purchase, should they prefer it, can have a buck for his fleeces; by which contract they will take the use of him for his keeping. The Saxon lambs will not be ready for delivery before March.

100 Years Ago

■C. D. Chase of the Chase Sales Co. has given two used cars to the new automobile department of the Smith’s School. The boys in this department are hoping some public-spirited individual will give them a six or an eight to dismantle.

■A number of Northampton people plan to attend the old-fashioned dance in the Whately town hall on Friday night. Frank Jarvis of this city will prompt, and an entertainment program will be led by George H. Bean.

50 Years Ago

■Developments elsewhere took center stage this week as news from Washington and the Middle East rolled in waves over the country. Stunned Hampshire County residents talked of impeachment, area college students marched on campuses, and United Nations Day took on particular significance as the U.N. grappled with the situation in the Mideast.

■A fire of suspicious origin destroyed a vacant cattle barn behind St. Mary’s Church in Haydenville early Wednesday morning. Police and fire officials are investigating a possible connection between the barn burning and two break-ins in Haydenville which also occurred early Wednesday.