Lilly Lombard: Cites David Narkewicz’s support for ‘green infrastructure’

Sunday, October 29, 2017
Cites David Narkewicz for ‘green infrastructure’

When you put a dollar value on the essential services that our “green infrastructure” provides, it stands out as one of the best investments a city can make.

Protected watershed provides ample drinking water. Healthy agricultural soil grows abundant food. Street trees oxygenate air, cool urban heat islands, and temper the impact of increasingly harsh storms.

Mayor David Narkewicz understands the value of green infrastructure. He champions the Community Preservation Act, a tool that has allowed Northampton to leverage millions of state dollars to permanently protect hundreds of acres of forest and prime farmland. As city councilor, he enthusiastically approved CPA funds to protect the Bean-Allard farmland, paving the way for Grow Food Northampton to establish the largest and arguably most vibrant community farm in Massachusetts.

As mayor, through changes he made to our city charter, Narkewicz established a permanent tree warden position in the Department of Public Works, as well as an advisory Public Shade Tree Commission, that together have transformed Northampton into a statewide model of urban forestry. He appreciates that every dollar the city invests in tree planting returns us $3 to $5 in natural services and economic vibrancy.

As a citizen deeply committed to strengthening Northampton’s green infrastructure through the above-mentioned projects, I have found David Narkewicz to be an ideal mayor. I desperately want his leadership for four more years.

Lilly Lombard