Donna Wiley: Is a drive-through-only coffee shop really the best option available?

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Published: 07-09-2024 3:00 PM

Modified: 07-10-2024 8:32 PM

I winced when I read the article about the new drive-thru-only coffee shop proposed for Hadley [“Drive-thru coffee shop pitched for front of mall,” Gazette, July 8].

Every time I pass the Starbucks on North King Street in Northampton, I think, “Why is this here, in the Valley, where we claim to be concerned about the environment?” Even on the nicest days, there are typically 10-20 cars lined up, most sending carbon emissions into the air we all breathe, when it would likely be faster to parkand order at the counter. (Not to mention the fact that it is illegal to idle a vehicle for more than five minutes in Massachusetts, unless the temperature is lower than 35 degrees.)

Now Hadley may have a shop that is, by definition, inaccessible to the pedestrians, bike riders, and users of public transportation that we claim to support. Yet the town of Hadley’s only concern seems to be the size and nature of the signage for this new shop. I hope they can do better, for all of our sakes.

Donna Wiley


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