Doris W. Madsen: Easthampton emergency

One Cottage Street in Easthampton

One Cottage Street in Easthampton STAFF FILE PHOTO

Published: 07-09-2024 3:00 PM

Modified: 07-10-2024 8:32 PM

The artist tenants at One Cottage Street are in crisis. Their rents are increasing astronomically and they have nowhere to go.

The more I talk to the artists, the more I realize that Easthampton has missed the mark in something that should have been in process years ago. On two occasions that I can recall, during envisioning and planning sessions sponsored by the Planning Department, I heard talk of affordable artist live/work space.

The school buildings are already spoken for. It is frustrating to me that I hear this input and never heard a follow-up. Yes, I can finger-point at city government, but it would also take the voice of the community to make this happen. It would take at least 10 years in the pipeline. I am left to feel frustrated that these envisioning opportunities are a waste of my time. I am also frustrated that public activism often falls short.

Doris W. Madsen


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