Paticia K. Doppmann: Welcome to Taxhampton

Northampton City Hall

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Published: 02-12-2024 5:33 PM

Modified: 02-12-2024 6:57 PM

Recently I read an article in the Gazette regarding the need for two overrides in Northampton in the next five years to fund the schools [“A grim budget preview,” Feb. 1]. What is wrong with this picture? This city is spending over $20 million to redesign Main Street, which accommodates so very few. It also bought an unrenovated church for $3 million when we own a building on King Street that would serve the same purpose.

Did the residents of this city vote on these issues? That would be a definite no! I wonder why people are so enamored by the mayor and City Council when we are being run by a dictatorship. Meetings are held where there is no input by the residents on these topics. I am retired and have lived here all my life. One city councilor expressed the desire for a younger generation to move here. That is all well and good, but don't shove the older generation out the door with increasing taxes we cannot afford.

As a retired school employee, I know that there is the need for funding and that the state should be allocating more money to support our schools. Why aren't our city officials working for the education of our youth instead of wasting money on frivolous agendas? Oh, by the way, I am waiting for an increase on the water runoff tax to come next!

Patricia K. Doppmann


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