Peter Demling: Supports candidates who exemplify ‘selfless service’

Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap

Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap

Published: 11-03-2023 5:22 AM

I’m very happy and proud to be voting for Mandi Jo Hanneke, Matt Holloway and Andy Steinberg for councilor at-large; Deb Leonard, Sarah Marshall and Irv Rhodes for School Committee; and Hala Lord and George Ryan for District 3 town councilor.

I would also be thrilled to vote for Cathy Schoen in District 1, Pat De Angelis and Lynn Griesemer in District 2 and Anika Lopes in District 4; but alas, I live in only one district.

Local elections for me are less about “issues” and “positions” and more about finding people who take a level-headed approach to public service, with an open mind and a kind heart. As Hala Lord’s signs put it, Dirigiendo con Amor — “Leading with Love.”

Selfless service without self-promotion. Disagreeing fearlessly without vilifying those you disagree with. Having the integrity and character to prioritize listening, and then working diligently with others to achieve the greatest good.

I think these candidates all have these qualities and will serve our town very well. Please join me in voting for them on Nov. 7.

Peter Demling

Former Amherst School Committee member