William Aherin: ‘Being woke doesn’t mean you’re right’

Published: 4/7/2021 3:25:16 PM

Americans for decades have enjoyed its freedoms to the point of taking them for granted while some feel guilty for their own good fortune.

Making someone feel guilty is a perfect way to control them. Think not? How did your mother get you to do something you didn’t want to?

Slavery is being used as an excuse to bully whites into accepting that guilt. Slavery existed centuries before Columbus and was used by every race against others, as well as their own.

Some people are trying to cancel American history in slavery’s name. Rewriting history cheapens the sacrifices of blacks and whites that risked and gave their lives for freedom. The current atmosphere suggests that all whites are racist and should be reprogrammed.

I’m white, attended integrated schools, military and work force. Skin color was less important than competence and being responsible for one’s actions — traits seldom seen today.

Americans are generally fair minded and willing to right the wrongs of its past. Condemning or highlighting groups of people based solely on color or ethnicity is un-American and racist. No one should be guilt-shamed for being born any color, ethnicity or for having diverse opinions. Being woke doesn’t mean you’re right.

Reprogramming has been ongoing in higher education where they tend to rely less on education and more on social activism. It is now filtering into public schools where children are told they, their parents and the country are irredeemable and inherently racist. Doing this to impressionable children is insidious and shouldn’t be condoned.

Is this why American education compared to other countries is thought to be substandard and is creating renewed interest in home schooling and charter schools? We shouldn’t be behind other countries in subjects like math or science.

Politicians have continually ignored addressing Black problems. Instead of upgrading schools, housing or creating job opportunities, they engage in photo ops and promises that accomplish little. Politicians and other elitists may need reprogramming more than those who live, learn and work in integrated environments.

Should we cancel the “White” House too?

William Aherin


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