Susan Farrell: Two sides to lowering voting age

Published: 9/20/2021 7:58:21 AM

After reading a letter from William C. Newman in support of lowering the voting age to 16 for local elections, it seemed necessary to respond.

His reasons were varied and I agree that there are many teens who have the ability to make informed electoral decisions. I do know they have jobs, drive cars and may participate in the community.

However, the taxes they pay are not to the city as property taxes. Even state and federal taxes paid in are most likely refunded upon filing. They don’t provide the family housing, insurance, or food on the table. They will, however, have an impact on property taxes, which could be very negative for those low income and fixed income families.

Without help being offered to older citizens, it seems unfair to support this bill which could potentially make property taxes soar beyond ability to pay by people who have worked all their lives and don’t need this worry.

It is a lopsided issue. The ones who could now make decisions which can raise taxes don’t contribute financially to pay them, but make it difficult for those who do. Remember there are two sides to this issue and one is being ignored. Also, I did read where the brain does not mature until age 25.

Susan Farrell


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