Sheryl Gail Becker: Banning new fur sales

Published: 4/2/2021 3:06:04 PM

I am writing in response to a recent guest columnist piece by Patrick Connelly entitled “Wrong for people, wrong for animals, wrong for science.” Unfortunately it is full of wrong statements.

First off, wildlife management trapping businesses will not be affected by SD1029 /HD 1592: An Act Prohibiting the Sale of Fur Products in Massachusetts. This bill does not interfere at all with trapping or hunting in the commonwealth.

Second, images of fur farms are not “inaccurate and disingenuous. I have yet to hear of or see pictures of a “humane” large-scale fur farm. Fur is a horribly cruel industry and a potential source of future pandemics.

SD1029 /HD 1592 would merely prevent the sale of real fur, 90% of which comes from factory fur farms where thousands of animals are kept in cramped, unsanitary conditions for the duration of their lives, unable to ever participate in behaviors natural to their species. Self-mutilation and cannibalism are common outcomes of the emotional distress caused by this confinement. But their deaths are even crueler since the cheapest methods are used, including anal electrocution, gassing, and clubbing.

Further, mink have tested positive for COVID on fur farms across Europe and several states in the U.S. The mink, in turn, have transmitted new COVID variants back to humans, which have now spread across the world.

Multiple fur farming bans have already been passed in Europe, and now Massachusetts can aid in this fight by banning new fur sales. It is time to put an end to these reservoirs of disease and cruelty. Please urge your state legislators to support this bill.

Sheryl Gail Becker


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