Sharon Farmer: The end game in Texas

Published: 9/20/2021 2:33:36 PM

According to John Locke, “in the state of nature everyone has the executive power of the law of nature” and thus everyone has the power to murder murderers and to punish every wrongdoer for every crime.

But, Locke goes on, because some individuals chose to abuse that executive right, human beings entered into society, giving up their executive right of punishment to the executive authority of the state.

Our legal system — and all legal systems — exist in order to protect our liberty and our property from the arbitrary power of others. We gave up the so-called “freedom” of the state of nature in order to avoid the war of all against all. With SB8, the state of Texas and the U.S. Supreme Court have hurled all women of childbearing age — and all individuals who associate with them — back into the state of nature and the war of all against all.

It doesn’t matter if a woman is pregnant or not. It doesn’t matter if she had a natural miscarriage or an abortion: this law renders all women of childbearing age susceptible to predatory bounty hunters, for how, without a great expenditure of money that she may not have, can a woman prove that she wasn’t seven weeks pregnant a month or two months ago, and thus how can she protect herself from bounty hunters seeking to deprive her of her wealth, happiness and well-being?

And if this one law, which deprives the women of Texas of the rule of law and of protection from the war of all against all, actually remains on the books, what is to protect the rest of us from even more laws that place the enforcement of the law in the hands of ordinary citizens? The end game of the legal reasoning behind SB8 is mob violence and lynching.

Sharon Farmer


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