Ray Ahearn and Kerry Dumbaugh: Vote Markey, then help other Dems

Published: 7/24/2020 4:33:00 PM

Many Americans believe that if Donald Trump is reelected and is backstopped for four more years by a Mitch McConnell Republican-led Senate, the future of our country will be in grave danger.

To preserve our democracy and ensure that sanity prevails, there has to be a unanimous push from Democrats to unite and win in November across the board. Since Massachusetts is not a battleground state, the primary challenge Rep. Joseph Kennedy III has launched against our junior Sen. Ed Markey is hard to understand.

The challenge is diverting resources from Democrats in more competitive congressional races throughout the country. Every dollar Markey and Kennedy spend against each other is potentially a dollar fewer for Democratic candidates needing help in swing states either to hold on to their seats or to flip a seat blue.

There are no major policy differences between the two Senate candidates. Both are members of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and support Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and a $15 minimum wage. While Markey has been a leader on climate change and environmental issues, Kennedy has focused on health care and immigration issues.

Kennedy so far has offered varied reasons for running. Providing a stronger voice and local presence are two mainstays. Best we can tell ambition and the family legacy are also driving forces.

Come September, Massachusetts Democrats will have to choose sides. For us, we’re all in for Markey for the same reasons that the majority of Markey’s Senate Democratic Caucus, including Elizabeth Warren, have endorsed him (as has the young progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) — he’s not all talk, he takes action.

Ed Markey embodies progressive values. He’s a successful, prolific and tireless legislator who has a passion for public service and the issues that matter the most in today’s upside down world.

During this existential crisis, now is not the time to prioritize passing the torch to a new generation. Rather what we need most is integrity and experience to help rebuild our country. The candidate best fulfilling those requirements is Ed Markey.

Ray Ahearn

Kerry Dumbaugh


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