John Rhoades: Latest ‘Blame the Republicans’ column off-base

Published: 9/20/2021 3:38:36 PM

In John Sheirer’s latest “blame the Republicans” column he really needs to base his opinions on facts.

Let’s look at his latest tirade: 1) Unfortunately John, the Constitution still affords the people the right to keep and bear arms. 2) It has never in the history of this country been easier to vote in every state. Voter suppression is a Democrat talking point that is not supported by the facts. 3) Those cheap blue masks or the catchy cloth ones we send our kids to school wearing are ineffective at best. If you’re really concerned about the kids buy them all professionally fitted N-95 masks that at least secure a proper fit. 4) A women’s right to abort her child is certainly her decision. As a conservative all I request is that I not be asked to pay for it. 5) As far as vaccinations, a far greater percentage of Black and Hispanic Americans have elected not to get vaccinated. I doubt they are all Republicans as the facts show that in 2020 92% of Blacks and 59% of Hispanic voters pulled the lever for Biden. Tough to hang this one on the Republicans. 6) I find it hard to believe that you actually have a Republican friend. Keep spreading the sanity, John, but try not to trample the truth while you do it.

John Rhoades


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