Gazette food columnist Lou Groccia makes salad nicoise

Monday, August 14, 2017

Blanched green beans? Check.

Boiled small potatoes? Check.

Hard-boiled eggs? Check.

Cherry tomatoes? Check.

Very thinly sliced sweet onion? Check.

Very thinly sliced red bell pepper? Check.

Canned tuna in olive oil? Check.

Agostino Recca anchovy fillets in olive oil? Check.

Pitted mixed olives from olive bar? Check.

Mustard vinaigrette? Check.

Fresh mixed herbs? Check.

Hey, boys and girls: Let’s make salad nicoise!

Carefully make artfully arranged plates with the above ingredients. Go lightly on the dressing. I use a spoon to drizzle it over the plate in a criss-cross pattern.

Make sure you take a picture to send to loved ones, then serve.

An added benefit to making this classic salad in these salad days of summer is that you get to make a wonderful frittata the next morning with leftover green beans and potatoes (thinly sliced).

And as much as I love anchovies, I wouldn’t advise putting them in the frittata.

Save them for the toothpicks you will be using to build Spanish tapas of olive, caper-rolled anchovy, cocktail onion, half a cornichon and strip of roasted red pepper.

These are to be inhaled with the Spanish wine you will be having the next evening.

Now go forth, boys and girls, and enjoy your fine dining.


Why do I feel like I am in a strange episode of Mr. Rogers? But, knowing a bunch of young kids I am pretty sure they are not going to dive in to a salad nicoise.

But, boys and girls, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and won’t you be my neighbor and then we could share some salad nicoise? You might like it. I know I do.