Laura Bellusci: Describes hot conditions at Michael’s House

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Sunday, October 08, 2017
Describes hot conditions at Michael’s House

I am writing in regard to your article on the lack of air-conditioning at Clark House, the senior residence in Amherst (“Tenants troubled by lack of cooling,” Sept. 28).

Except for the names and place, the conditions were exactly the same here at Michael’s House in Northampton. The heat in these apartments has been so unbearable to make getting a good night’s sleep nearly impossible.

Management did put a window unit in the fourth-floor “cooling station,” aka the craft room, but whenever I popped in for a cooling breath, there weren’t any people making use of it. Understandably, folks want to stay put, cook, watch TV, maybe try to sleep, and many have a difficult time moving around and making adjustments. I even briefly considered transporting my air mattress.

While I thank you for drawing attention to the problem, I must disagree with your point that the “situation is somewhat unique to Clark House.”

Laura Bellusci