Larry Edward Cervelli: Advocate for greater fairness, inclusiveness

  • jacoblund

Sunday, December 10, 2017
Advocate for greater fairness, inclusiveness

The end game of the radical right is now evident — concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a very few of the super-rich with the complicity of one political party.

Since Newt Gingrich slashed House staff budgets by 80 percent, bills are now drafted by lobbyists instead of elected representatives because experienced legislative staff members are absent. Major pieces of legislation are now drafted and voted on without public hearings or expert testimony.

Legislation is forced through quickly despite lacking public support (Affordable Care Act repeal, the latest tax bill) or ignored despite having strong public support (70 percent favor more gun control).

Traditional legislative procedures are ignored (the latest budget bill wasn’t even fully written when legislators voted on it within minutes of getting it).

Gerrymandering has put competitive elections out of reach in many states and voter suppression is a strategy for ensuring distorted election participation. Our emotionally unstable and willfully ignorant president, who tweets to avoid questioning by the independent press and exhibits no respect for truth, has appointed unqualified cabinet secretaries solely to dismantle their departments.

All this is supported by the Republican Party and its leadership, who sometimes decry this behavior but still reliably support it for their own benefit. We’re living with attacks on our democratic values, institutions and legislative procedures.

Elections do have consequences and one confronting us all is the requirement to up our involvement in legislative affairs and resolve to advocate for greater fairness and inclusiveness in civic life.

Larry Edward Cervelli

West Chesterfield