School lunch menus May 29 through June 1


Friday, May 25, 2018


TUESDAY: Pancakes, potato wedges, turkey sausage, assorted fruits

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti with local beef, marinara, seasoned vegetable medley, fresh orange slices, assorted fruits

THURSDAY: Local fish and chips or chicken patty, chips, sidewinder fries, apple slices, assorted fruits

FRIDAY: Cheesy pizza slices, romaine salad topped with crunchy veggies, fruit cup, assorted fruits


TUESDAY: HS&JB: Build a burger, oven fries, vegetarian baked beans, pickle spears; CHCS: Chicken fajita stir fry or waffles, sausage, with Tuscan green beans, crispy roasted chicken; SR&CS: Campers hot dogs, twig pretzel sticks, BBQ baked veggie beans, corn on the cob

WEDNESDAY: HS&JB: Buffalo tenders (3), buttered noodles, broccoli salad, crispy roasted chick peas; CHCS: Build a burger or Buffalo tenders (3), buttered noodles, broccoli salad, vegetarian baked beans; SR&CS: Ham and cheese, on Goldfish bread, cucumber coins, carrot sticks, black bear Teddy Grahams

THURSDAY: HS&JB: Pulled pork, coleslaw, garden salad, sweets and beets; CHCS: Pulled pork, or bagel with yogurt and cheese, coleslaw, garden salad, sticks and fruit;  SR&CS: Camp chili, corn chips, ants on a log, watermelon

FRIDAY: HS&JB: Hot dog, potato salad, carrots, sun butter bars; CHCS: Toasted cheese, or chicken nuggets, potato wedges, tomato soup, with macaroni, cookie; SR&CS: Catch of the day fish sticks, Moose and Bear pasta salad, forest berries with whipped creme, dill pickle canoe.


TUESDAY: Hot dogs with choice of chili and cheese, corn, choice of fruit

WEDNESDAY: Chicken Caesar wrap, pasta salad, choice of fruit

THURSDAY: Homemade cheese or pepperoni pizza, broccoli, choice of fruit

FRIDAY: Cheese quesadilla, corn, choice of fruit


TUESDAY: HS:  Chicken burrito, tortilla, seasoned chicken, black beans, brown rice, corn, Buffalo chicken patty on bun, Tater Tots, Buffalo chicken flatbread, chicken ranch wrap, garden salad with cheese, carrots, pasta salad, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WBMS: Beef burrito, spicy black beans, sweet corn, pepperoni pizza, Italian hero, garden salad with cheese, cucumbers, chick pea salad, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; ELEM: Turkey nachos, brown rice, corn

WEDNESDAY: HS: Macaroni and cheese bar, tossed salad, dinner roll, BBQ pork ribbies on bun, crinkle cut fries, Mexican beef flatbread, pepperoni pizza, Buffalo chicken wrap, garden chicken salad, peas, potato salad, apples, assorted chilled fruit; WBMS: American chop suey, broccoli, fresh baked garlic breadstick, crispy chicken breast tenders, fresh baked biscuit, ham and cheese with honey mustard, garden salad with tuna, peas, sweet corn salad, orange wedges, assorted chilled fruit; ELEM: Silver dollar pancakes, sausage patty, Tater Tots, blueberries

THURSDAY: HS: Asian noodle bowl, pho broth, teriyaki chicken, bok choy, julienne carrots, broccoli floret, red pepper strips, corn dog, potato wedges, chicken bacon ranch pizza, ham and cheese on bulkie, garden salad with cheese, cucumbers, sweet pepper sticks, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WBMS: Chicken nuggets, French fries, confetti coleslaw, BBQ chicken pizza, turkey sandwich, chef salad, tuna salad sandwich, cucumbers, black bean and corn salad, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; ELEM: Teriyaki chicken, brown rice, stir-fry vegetables

FRIDAY: HS: Chicken nuggets, carrots and celery sticks with ranch, waffle fries, confetti coleslaw, warm biscuit, meatball grinder, crinkle cut fries, meat lovers, cheese or pepperoni pizza, tuna salad on bulkie, garden chicken salad, baby carrots, pasta salad, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WBMS: General Tso's chicken, brown rice, Asian vegetable stir-fry, orange glazed carrots, meatball grinder with cheese, baked French fries, tuna melt, garden salad with Buffalo chicken, squash and zucchini sticks, sweet and tangy broccoli salad, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; ELEM: 


TUESDAY: BBQ rib sandwich, baked beans, choice of fruit

WEDNESDAY: Chicken fajitas with onions and peppers, Southwest corn, choice of fruit

THURSDAY: Chili cheese dog, sweet potato tots, choice of fruit

FRIDAY: Crispy chicken sandwich, green beans, choice of fruit


TUESDAY: Taco salad Tuesday, cornbread, fruit

WEDNESDAY: Garlic French bread pizza, broccoli, fruit crisp, fresh fruit

THURSDAY: Shepherd’s pie, butternut squash, fresh fruit cups

FRIDAY: Cheeseburgers, steamed veggies, choice of fruit


TUESDAY: JR./SR.: Popcorn chicken bowl, seasoned corn, garlic breadstick, home made ham and cheese on pretzel roll, chicken pesto panini, pepperoni or cheese pizza, sausage stromboli, chicken salad wrap, turkey BLT salad, spinach salad, carrot sticks, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WS&EM: Chicken patty, potato wedges, carrots

WEDNESDAY: JR./SR.: Macaroni and cheese, BBQ pulled pork, seasoned green beans, cornbread, chicken parmesan sandwich, chicken and cheese quesadilla, pepperoni, cheese or meat lovers pizza, Italian sub, turkey BLT salad, spinach salad, carrot sticks, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WS&EM: Pizza casserole, green beans, dinner roll

THURSDAY: JR./SR.: BBQ chicken, roasted potatoes, popcorn chicken with biscuit, vegetable panini, pepperoni, cheese or cheeseburger pizzas, Buffalo ranch chicken wrap, turkey BLT salad, Caesar salad, sliced cucumbers, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WS&EM:Beef and gravy with dinner roll, mashed potatoes, corn

FRIDAY: JR./SR.: Burger bar with toppings, sweet potato fries, baked beans, bacon cheeseburgers, Buffalo chicken melt, pepperoni, cheese or Buffalo chicken pizzas, tuna salad wrap, turkey BLT salad, carrot sticks, mixed pepper strips, fresh whole or assorted chilled fruit; WS&EM: Cheese or pepperoni pizza, sweet potato fries, cucumbers


TUESDAY: Chicken patty, marinated chic pea, green beans, peaches

WEDNESDAY: Chicken noodle soup, Goldfish crackers, veggie sticks and dip, blueberries

THURSDAY: Turkey and gravy, mashed potato, carrots, strawberries

FRIDAY: Pizza, salad with romaine, sidekick frozen treat, mixed fruits

Hampshire Regional

TUESDAY: Chicken broccoli cheese wrap, hash brown, romaine salad with toppers, assorted fruit selection

WEDNESDAY: Cheese quesadilla, nachos with cheese, corn, romaine salad with toppers, assorted fruit selection

THURSDAY: Chicken gravy, shephard’s pie, mashed potato, corn, romaine salad with toppers, assorted fruit selection 

FRIDAY: Manager’s choice


TUESDAY: SA: American chop suey, tossed salad or no beef chop suey; ELEM: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, hummus and veggie sticks

WEDNESDAY: SA: Baked potato, broccoli, and cheese; ELEM: Hot dogs, baked chips, baked beans or veggie burger

THURSDAY: SA: Chicken teriyaki dippers, broccoli and sesame noodles or sesame noodles and broccoli; ELEM: Teriyaki chicken dippers, sesame noodles and broccoli or sesame noodles and broccoli

FRIDAY: SA: Stuffed crust pizza, tossed salad; ELEM: Pepperoni and cheese flatbread pizza, tossed salad or cheesy flatbread pizza


TUESDAY: Hamburger, cheeseburger, chips and salsa, mandarin oranges

WEDNESDAY: Cheese calzone, carrots, diced pears

THURSDAY: Fish stick sandwich, spicy curly fries, apple slices

FRIDAY: Cheese pizza, broccoli, diced peaches

Smith Voc

TUESDAY: Chicken fajita, chicken patty, stuffed crust pizza, chicken Caesar salad, pizza bites, broccoli, carrot sticks

WEDNESDAY: Sausage grinder, chicken patty, chicken Caesar salad, stuffed crust pizza, pretzel, coleslaw, tossed salad

THURSDAY: Cold cut grinder, chicken patty, stuffed crust pizza, chicken Caesar salad, fiery fingers,  baked chips, tossed salad

FRIDAY: Manager’s choice

Sunderland/ Whately


TUESDAY: Chicken and cheese quesadillas, Southwest corn, choice of fruit

WEDNESDAY: English muffin, egg and cheese sandwich, ants on a log, choice of fruit

THURSDAY: Hot dog, potato salad, choice of fruit

FRIDAY: Garden salad, sun butter and jam, grilled cheese, ham and cheese



TUESDAY: French toast sticks, ham, hash brown, applesauce

WEDNESDAY: Pigs in a blanket, baked beans, beets, fruit

THURSDAY: Chicken gravy, mashed potato, carrots, fruit

FRIDAY: Manager’s choice