Julie Rypysc: Commends courage of Goldstein-Rose

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Commends courage of Goldstein-Rose

I recently read the story, “Amherst representative quits party” (Feb. 21), as well as Solomon Goldstein-Rose’s column on the commentary page of the Amherst Bulletin.

As a result, I am joyfully moved to share my appreciation and gratitude for Goldstein-Rose having the courage to both take action, by changing his party registration to “unenrolled,” and speaking out about his support for ranked-choice voting. These brave and concrete efforts to make much-needed changes in our antiquated, dysfunctional political system are commendable.

Being nonpartisan in spirit rocks. It works to heal the separation and division that renders our system so ineffective and it appeals to my spiritual values as well.

I am so grateful for the level of consciousness he brings to our state government, political reform and to our young people. Bravo Solomon.

Julie Rypysc