Judith Fine: Objects to placement of Borowski, Nassar stories

  • mactrunk

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Objects to placement of Borowski, Nassar stories

I find it incredibly disconcerting that the Gazette chose to bury the horror of the women’s gymnastic doctor, Larry Nassar, on the sports pages, but places the continuing story about police officer Al Borowski on top of the front page (“Reports detail violations by ex-detective boss,” Jan. 20).

Nassar has been found guilty of being the perpetrator of ugly, vile, reprehensible crimes with hundreds of young women, affecting their families and their young lives into adulthood and beyond.

On the other hand, former detective Borowski, who has had an exemplary, untarnished 20-plus year career, allegedly did not follow certain Northampton Police procedures, resulting in several front-page stories in the Gazette. Although unacceptable, that has not resulted in any harm done to anyone.

His story, I imagine, is still being investigated by the department. Perhaps we will find out that some of his misconduct, such as using a police car for personal business, is not that rare among other members of the force. Or perhaps calling in sick is encouraged so as not to infect other officers. I assume the incident of the drug drop box for pills has a longer and more involved explanation than has been shared with the public while the investigation is ongoing.

My point is that the Gazette seems to have an odd way of choosing what the public should read on the front page of the daily newspaper. I do not happen to read the sports, but have closely followed the horrific trial of Nassar through other media sources.

I would have preferred to see that story on the front page instead of the Gazette’s need to continue the saga of one police officer (who has had at least six stories reported thus far), resulting in damaging one man’s dedicated career.

We have an extraordinary police department, led by Chief Jody Kasper. The ongoing disparaging remarks about the proposed downtown cameras as well as this continual story of Lt. Borowski, seems to chip away at the dignity of our force and its morale.

My faith in the chief and captains and all of the officers in the Northampton Police Department is that these reports will not affect the department’s outstanding ability to perform their duties.

Judith Fine