Joshua Hornick: Praises Goldstein-Rose for leadership

  • mactrunk

Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Praises Goldstein-Rose for leadership

I write to applaud state Rep. Solomon Goldstein-Rose’s choice to operate independently rather than as a Democrat (“Amherst representative quits party,” Feb. 21).

While Beacon Hill is not the mess that Capitol Hill has become, the national trend toward silos and bubbles makes it harder and harder for people, including representatives, to communicate across party (or other social and political) lines.

Goldstein-Rose’s bold step is a personal political risk to him. Willingness to take a personal risk is the hallmark of courage. It shows the sincerity of his desire to heal and improve our democracy by moving beyond the partisanship that plagues our national discourse.

We need that kind of leadership.

Joshua Hornick