Josh Rosenblatt: New school needed to make Easthampton attractive

  • jacoblund

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
New school needed to make Easthampton attractive

I have lived in Easthampton for 16 years and have seen this city evolve from a small mill town coping with a changing world to a thriving community full of life and promise.

It is obvious to me that the catalyst of this growth is its people. When faced with decisions about the welfare of our citizenry, we always seem to make the right choice.

We are faced with one such opportunity now — the improvement of facilities where our youth grow and learn, a project I back wholeheartedly. There are those who wonder why I am in support of a new school as my children are grown and living outside the area. My answer to them is simple: a decent and acceptable learning environment affects more than just its students and their families.

Our kids will one day be integral parts of our community. It stands to reason that the better their education, the better fellow citizens they will be.

Yes, there is a cost associated with this, but rather than merely a tax increase, it is an investment in our future. If this city is to continue to thrive, it has to be an attractive place to live. The elementary and middle school situations we now have make this much less likely.

What’s more, we have the chance now for a sizable amount of this expenditure be covered by state funds — an opportunity that will not come again. If we wait to make this improvement, it will cost us far more and may be too late.

I urge everyone to vote “yes” on May 22, not just for the youth of Easthampton, but for all of us.

Josh Rosenblatt