Rebecca Jones: Why I vote

  • In this Oct. 20 file photo, a voting location is shown in Mission, Kan.  AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Published: 10/23/2020 2:15:13 PM
Modified: 10/23/2020 2:15:03 PM
Why I vote

Democracy is an active sport! It is easy to back-burner big things like climate change and social justice, in the everyday “I have to get to work on time” stresses.

But here we are at a rock-bottom, wake-up call election. Trump’s presidency proves that unfairness and imbalance have a way of building until we stand together to make them stop. We can’t just hope crises disappear and keep business as usual. Business as usual is precisely why we have climate change and its sibling social injustice. Business as usual is oil extraction and carbon pollution. They make profits, we get waste, toxins and climate change. Business as usual is “essential” workers who are lowest paid, most marginalized and the first to get COVID; threatened by racism, deportation and police brutality. The industries that control our economy are industries most responsible for social injustice and climate change. They threaten our ability to survive on this planet.

Business as usual is a mindset: stuck, unchanged, humming along unperturbed because those who might want change remain silent. It can be applied to us citizens, too: folks getting caught up in their daily lives and not participating in the democratic process.

Democracy is an active sport. Nobody benched, everybody needed. When we don’t participate, other interests fill the vacuum. Polluters, extractors, racists. Trump and the forces propping him up and trading favors for power.

Democracy is like anything you do for your health — it gets easier the more you do it. Voting is just one, big part of a healthy democracy. I am voting for health: my health, and that of my community and planet.

I hope you will, too — and don’t stop there! Join in and help us tackle climate change and injustice. It will make you feel good.

Rebecca Jones  


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