Jonathan Klate: Proposes moral witnessing movement

  • jacoblund

Monday, January 29, 2018
Proposes moral witnessing movement

There are around 350,000 churches in this great land, and also around 350,000 homeless Americans living on our streets this icy winter.

The similarity of these numbers has given rise to the idea that if each church — and synagogue, temple, mosque, or any spiritual sanctuary — would provide or arrange shelter and sustenance to just one person, everyone might be accommodated in safety and kindness, and at such a modest shared cost and effort for each one.

I offer the idea of a moral witnessing movement, perhaps to be called “One God, One Sanctuary, One Person,” to be joined by willing congregations, one at time, beginning right here, right now, where we are.

I would hope that this is something that any congregation aspiring towards the ideal of loving neighborliness — the first great commandment of all faiths — might be called to consider, and by example encourage other congregations to also consider, transcending denominational boundaries.

Or, we can walk away, one at a time, perhaps a most brutal ironic parody of turning the other cheek.

Jonathan Klate