Jon and Christine Sass: Take issue with Fleitman column on tax plan

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Monday, November 13, 2017
Take issue with Fleitman column on tax plan

Jay Fleitman would have us believe that the Republican tax plan is designed for middle-class families (“Much to like in Republican tax reform,” Nov. 7). In going through the tax plan as if working families will benefit, he reaps praise on the foresight of the Republican leadership.

Unfortunately, he is wrong. Leading economists and even the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation indicate that not only does this tax plan favor the wealthy, but many middle-class families will end up paying more in taxes immediately or within a few years.

On the same day Fleitman’s column was published, The New York Times had several articles all pointing out how the tax plan favors large corporations. Paul Krugman, a trained economist, and David Brooks, a conservative commentator, point out that the Republicans have been consistent in catering to their wealthy supporters and this plan is no different.

One glaring example is the proposal to eliminate medical deductions. Families with huge medical bills will end up paying much more in taxes under this new plan. Surely, medical professionals should be advocating against this kind of loss due to medical catastrophes.

We appreciate that Fleitman presents views on policies that are different than many in Northampton, but he does not have the right to twist data and facts to suit his purposes. This Republican plan is being led by self-serving politicians who do not prioritize the interests of the majority of people of this country.

Jon and Christine Sass