John M. Connolly: Views Trump’s remarks as sad and tragic

  • jacoblund

Sunday, January 21, 2018
Views Trump’s remarks as sad and tragic

The president’s recently reported remarks reveal two things about him: first, that he is indeed a racist, and second, that he is decidely not, “like, very smart.”

When anyone refers to a group of majority-black nations as “s---holes,” and contrasts them with lily-white (did he want to say “Aryan”?) Norway, that is on its face racist.

And it fits in with a long list of similar statements and actions by Donald Trump dating back to the 1970s, such as his leadership in the “birther” movement, questioning Barack Obama’s citizenship, or his reference to Mexican immigrants as rapists.

But the latest remark also betrays stupidity. Whether or not Haiti or certain African nations are poor and poorly governed, that says nothing at all about the individuals who might immigrate to the U.S. from those countries. Like immigrants from all other nations, they show enormous initiative and courage in their willingness to begin a new life in a foreign land.

As House Speaker Paul Ryan said of his ancestors (and my own), who in the 19th century came from a ravaged Ireland on what were called “coffin ships,” their ability to start over in this country and build productive lives “is a beautiful story of America.”

Trump seems not to understand that about our country. This is both sad and tragic.

John M. Connolly