Joe Lavallee: Endorses Diana Szynal for state representative

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Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Endorses Szynal for state representative

With the loss of Peter Kocot, and the retirements of Rep. John Scibak and Rep. Stephen Kulik, our area of western Massachusetts truly needs a seasoned and knowledgeable representative.

Diana Szynal is just that person (“Kocot’s district director to run for his seat,” March 5). Peter Kocot was a great person and also a great teacher. Szynal never missed the opportunity to learn. We are all proud of her commitment and dedication to representing a place we all call home.

No matter the issues, she would always consider all of the towns she was responsible for. Growing up here, she has the understanding of the myriad of issues facing our towns and families as well as the cities that have an effect on us.

Montgomery, Hatfield, Southampton, Westhampton and Northampton need a continued honest voice to help us wade through the system. Szynal is just the right person at just the right time.

It was good news to hear that she will be running for 1st Hampshire District representative. Our towns should not go long without someone able to “hit the ground running.” She never left the track, and we are grateful for that.

Please consider supporting her run for this very important position that our towns depend on.

Joe Lavallee


The writer is town moderator in Hatfield.