Helmi A. Pucino: Objects to loss of Puffer’s Pond parking spaces

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Objects to loss of parking spaces at Puffer’s Pond

The removal of parking spaces at Puffer’s Pond will do great damage to the community (“Safety work eyed for road by Puffer’s,” June 5).

As a senior citizen who frequents Puffer’s, I find it is often impossible to find a convenient parking space when attempting to carry beach chairs and towels. It is laughable to suggest that biking and other alternatives are an option to seniors.

The pond is the only place in Amherst to swim in the summer. Removing parking spaces appears to be a knee-jerk quick fix.

If safety is an issue, where is the data on accidents which have occurred? If accidents have occurred, why not come up with more viable solutions such as creating a walkway inside the Puffer’s property along the road or creating bigger parking lots on or near the property? How about widening the road?

Reducing the number of parking spaces is not an acceptable solution and will only diminish the ability of many taxpayers to enjoy Puffer’s on a regular basis. I believe more creative solutions would create a win-win scenario by addressing safety concerns and still allow easy access to Puffer’s by all users.

Helmi A. Pucino