Harry Dodson: Urges participation in Citizens’ Climate Lobby

  • mactrunk

Thursday, March 08, 2018
Urges participation in Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Marty Nathan’s guest column (“Signs point to runaway global warming,” March 1) painted a bleak picture of our future if carbon emissions aren’t reduced soon.

My first thought on reading her article was despair. My second thought was to take action to help prevent this looming calamity.

Becoming involved with Marty’s Climate Action NOW is one way to take action. An additional way is to become involved with Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL), a national group promoting a carbon emissions reduction strategy that is gaining bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress and in statehouses across the country.

CCL’s plan is for Congress to impose fees on carbon production. The revenues from these fees would then be distributed as a dividend to all U.S. households. The approach is revenue neutral and is not a tax but a system to make carbon production more expensive while providing households funds to use products using new green technologies.

A unique feature of this approach is that it is not a government program but a means of using market forces to make it harder to produce carbon and easier to use green technologies such as electric vehicles, solar energy and hydropower.

New green technologies are no longer just for activists but are demonstrating their superior performance and cost advantages in the marketplace. For example the Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan LEAF and other electric vehicles are not only greener cars, they are simply better, higher performing, more comfortable vehicles than their gas-powered competitors.

CCL’s fee and dividend strategy will encourage consumers to buy these types of superior green products instead of increasingly outmoded carbon-based technology. For more information on CCL visit our website at citizensclimatelobby.org/.

And please come to our CCL Northeast Conference at the University of Massachusetts on March 17 and 18.

Harry Dodson