Honor Roll: The Williston Northampton School

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Friday, April 13, 2018
The Williston Northampton School

The following local students were named to the second semester honor roll at the school in Easthampton.


GRADE 12: Anabelle Farnham, Roya Mostafavi, and Emily Rosenberry, high honors;Dohee Kim, honors.

GRADE 11: Emily Warren, Dora Gordon, high honors.

GRADE 10: Kenneth Wang, Conrad Kang, and Katherine Borden, high honors; Adam Johnsrud, Joe Rees, and Jason Rhett, honors.

GRADE 9: Liam Coughlin, Gabriel Davila Bustamante, Jacob Schulkind, and Abigail Schulkind, high honors; Andrew Warren, honors.


GRADE 12: Fiona Bundy, Timothy Fay, and Madison Fulcher-Melendy, high honors; Henry Poehlein and Couper Gunn, honors.

GRADE 11: Robert Hill, Catherine King, Donald Poulin, John Spence, and Emily Whipple, high honors; Aidan Burke, honors.

GRADE 10: Dylan Fulcher-Melendy, William Gunn, Abby Seltzer, Matthew Seltzer, and Daniel Simpson, high honors; Alan Martin and Akivha Mazile, honors.

GRADE 9: Jack Fay, Molly Kinstle, and Ruby McElhone Yates, high honors; Emily O’Brien, George Spence, and Megan Ward, honors.


GRADE 12: William Lane, honors.

GRADE 11: Magnolia Armstrong, Julia Cavanaugh, and Madeleine Elsea, high honors.

GRADE 10: Rider Bishop, Nathaniel Markey, and Luke Po, high honors; Grace Lane and Connor Touhey, honors.

GRADE 9: Nikhil Sierros, high honors.


GRADE 12: Joshua Holmberg, honors.

GRADE 10: Jonathan Toth, high honors.

GRADE 9: Anna Richardson, high honors.


GRADE 11: Ryan Dwyer, honors.

GRADE 9: Thomas Motyka, high honors.


GRADE 12: Caroline Channell, high honors; Maya Soley, honors.


GRADE 12: Gabriel Moon, honors.


GRADE 11: Sophie Cowperthwait, high honors; Gavin Girardin, honors.


GRADE 12: Joshua Calianos, Sophia Schaefer, and Risa Tapanes, high honors.

GRADE 11: Sabrina JiaXin Shao, Caleb Stern, James White, Eleanor Wolfe, high honors; Christopher Denham and Annika Johnson, honors.

GRADE 10: Oscar DeFrancis, Alex Marwaha, Anya Rozario, and Lila Schaefer, high honors; Ciara Tapanes, honors.

GRADE 9: Nathan Shatz, high honors.


GRADE 11: Kira Bixby, honors.


GRADE 12: Michael Janocha, honors.

GRADE 11: Karen Janocha, high honors; Molly Solan, honors.

GRADE 10: Abigael Hunter, honors.

GRADE 9: Jillian Dietz, high honors.

West Whately

GRADE 9: Camren Huntley, honors.


GRADE 12: Eleanor Scott, honors.

GRADE 11: Owen Randolph, honors.


GRADE 12: Lydia Pollard, high honors.