Guest columnist Jim Cahillane: Was Trump raised by wolves?

  • President Donald Trump speaks during the coronavirus pandemic, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Tuesday, in Washington. AP

Published: 5/29/2020 10:50:49 AM

CBS Late Night Show host, Stephen Colbert, is credited with saying that “Liberals have a well-known bias toward reality.” My family asks me to limit my exposure to reality as it’s presented on cable news 24/7. Everyday reality is denied by the right and its lupine-like leader, Trump.

I’m comforted when sensible Pioneer Valley voices point out the faker and his lackeys’ lies week in and week out.

Nevertheless, I cannot hold my peace forever.

Question: How in God’s name did this guy attain the ability to out and out murder the truth and his fellow citizens? Our democracy has in its power the ability to roust him from office. The Constitution’s 25th Amendment was created, in the wisdom of our forebears, to right wrongs. We are under threat from a president whose merciless deficiencies make me conclude that he is either an alien or, citing painful evidence was likely raised by wolves.

How else can anyone explain his total lack of empathy? Here’s one example. Doctor Rick Bright served America for 25 years in the key role of identifying and solving pandemic threats to civic health. He cautioned us on the use of hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19, as it was a malaria drug with no proven efficacy.

His reward was to be fired from his position and transferred to different agency. Shocked to the point of having to take leave and then vacation for a case of high blood pressure, he filed a whistle-blower complaint. His firing made no reference to Bright’s brilliant career in fighting diseases all over the world, nor his timely premonitions. A huge study in the United Kingdom just backed up Bright’s warning.

No humanity, no consideration, nothing but CYA in full flower.

On May 14, Bright testified to Congress that in January of 2020 he warned his superiors the country was unprepared for COVID-19. An expert on vaccine development and pandemic preparedness, Dr. Bright was appointed director of BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) by President Obama. Trump weaselly distrusts Obama appointees as “non-Trumpers or Trump haters.” The latest calculations are in on the cost of Trump’s refusal to listen to Bright’s warning — more than 100,000 American lives might have been saved if the shutdown were two weeks earlier.

Translation: Time is of the essence: “If we fail to develop a national coordinated response, based in science, I fear the pandemic will get far worse and be prolonged, causing unprecedented illness and fatalities.” In his testimony to the House Committee of Energy and Commerce Dr. Bright warned that “2020 could be the darkest winter in modern history.”

As of today there is no such program in the works. Everyone is sick of being home week after week, month after month. I admire the great resumes‘ of Drs. Anthony Fauci and Rick Bright in that following science is the smart way forward. By comparison, Trump’s gut feelings never had a chance.

Flash forward a few weeks and Trump, on advice from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, fired the State Department’s inspector general. Pompeo was under investigation by the IG for misuse of government funds, among other misdeeds. Trump said that he knew no reason for the firing beyond Pompeo’s request. Every appointee serves at the pleasure of the president so no repercussions for anyone. Michael P. got off scot-free!

I know from experience that any manager feel the worst part of his or her job is laying off employees. This administration follows the practice of Friday firings in hopes they receive scant notice. What gripes me is their chutzpah in demeaning loyal Americans on their way out the door.

A woman reporter asks a reasonable question and is quickly called rude or nasty by the president of these United States! NBC “Weekend Today” anchor Peter Alexander does the same and is branded “a lousy reporter.” Who elected this guy? Those reporters are we the people and working for the greater good of our democracy. To be insulted by Mister “I take no blame” must be galling.

At a Ford ventilator plant, Mr. “We’re doing a great job” spitefully refused to wear a mask in view of reporters just to aggravate them. How small is that? He then took to the microphone to show off his historical knowledge. Trump told the Ford people that their company was founded by Henry Ford, then shocked the world by saying, “great bloodlines.” Twice! Any bright high school student could inform D.J. Trump that Henry Ford was a famous anti-Semite who attacked Jews in his own newspaper. But, Hitler liked him.

Which reminded me to check bloodlines in Webster’s New World Dictionary. Wolf: A fierce, cruel, or greedy person. (Slang) Wolf: a man who flirts aggressively with many women. Cry wolf: To give a false alarm. Wolf in sheep’s clothing: a person who hides malicious intent under a benign manner. See Matt. 7.15.

Insidious imposters were pegged long before I took notice.

Freelance writer, Jim Cahillane, is self-quarantined in high dudgeon in Williamsburg.

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