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Bart Gottesdiener: Taking no responsibility

  • President Donald Trump in March 30, 2020. AP

Published: 5/21/2020 9:01:13 AM

I, Donald Trump, take no responsibility for:

■Separating children from the parents of immigrants.

■Attempting to leverage congressionally allocated foreign aid in order to improve my political prospects.

■Siding with Putin over our intelligence agencies.

■Decimating our environment, lowering water, mercury, methane, pesticide, and fuel standards; opening drilling and mining on federal lands; all for short-term gain.

■Withdrawing from the Paris agreement, and not being able to comprehend the difference between climate and weather.

■The fact that I would have been indicted for obstruction of justice, according to Robert Mueller, if I weren’t a “sitting president.”

■Calling neo-nazis “good people.”

■Praising a congressman after he was convicted of assaulting a journalist.

■Shutting the government down for a border wall, declaring a national emergency, when, in fact, twice as many illegal immigrants in the United States overstay their visa.

■Ballooning the federal deficit.

■Not knowing anything about payments made from “my fixer” Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels two weeks prior to the election.

■Calling the press “the enemy of the People.”

■ Saying, “Trade wars are easy to win.”

■Destroying all manner of our time-honored World War II alliances.

■Abandoning the Kurds, after they did the lion’s share of the fighting against ISIS; a victory for which I claimed credit.

■Demeaning women, and most probably sexual assault.

■Demoralizing the State Department, the Department of Justice, and the FBI.

■Maligning and attempting to intimidate federal judges.

■Being a “stable genius,” and suggesting injecting bleach might be a good way to fight a virus.

■The government’s failed and incompetent response to the pandemic. I take no responsibility for anything

■Being an immoral, bigoted, serial lying narcissist. I am surprised that you are surprised by this!

Our duty is to rid ourselves of this man on Nov. 3. Personally, I am as afraid of the pandemic as the fact that 65 million people support this individual. When this psychopath is gone, and we begin to shovel out; hopefully it won’t be too late to restore some dignity and integrity in our country.

Bart Gottesdiener


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