Jay Fleitman: Furious Biden visited Blake Sr. in Wisconsin

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Published: 9/15/2020 9:38:36 AM

Joe Biden went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and visited with the family of Jacob Blake Jr., who was shot and paralyzed by police. He had a private visit with Blake’s father, Jacob Blake Sr.

However, Blake Sr. is an avowed racist and anti-Semite. As a Jew, I’m furious that Biden made this visit. Some of Blake’s social media posts are copied below:

■“The same pink toe Jewish people that control the interest rate control the media the control Minds and money.”

■“A jew can’t tell me sh*t period.”

■“The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorists and is not.”

■“A cracker jew can do whatever to a white woman for years but let a jig try it.”

One post refers to attendees at the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House as “Young black coons.”

In one post Blake Sr. shared a photo of a white Jesus in a toilet. (Blake is Muslim).

“Crackers have never told the truth diabolical Liars.”

Biden’s own statements about African American’s all being the same in their thinking, that any African American who is not voting for a Democrat is not Black, and that Obama as a candidate was fine because he was “a clean” black man (are the other’s not clean?) are all well-known.

For those fighting racism, how is this all acceptable in a presidential candidate?

You all hate President Trump, but he has assured financial support for Black universities, established enterprise zones in underserved Black communities, pushed through a criminal justice reform bill that overwhelmingly benefits African Americans, pushes for school choice for poor Black families, and created a pre-COVID economy that led to the lowest unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics in history.

How is this unacceptable?

Jay Fleitman


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