Ellie Cook: Urges change in heating codes for rental housing

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Urges change in heating codes for rental housing

I find it absolutely appalling that health “codes” skewed in favor of landlords allow elderly, disabled people (actually, anyone) to suffer extreme heat or cold when the means exist to maintain a comfortable temperature in these rentals.

I write mainly concerning Michael’s House, where a friend lives. She was able to cool off in the shower during the recent heat wave — sort of. She slept in her car when it got really bad. Others — maybe almost half the residents, she says — need assistance to shower and so were unable to cool off (or leave the building).

And when it gets cold, the heat gets turned off too early in the spring. Clearly, also, we are going to have to allow for climate change on the fall end at least.

The codes need to be changed, immediately.

Ellie Cook