Tell us what you’re grateful for, locally

Published: 11/2/2018 12:56:47 PM

Hello, friends,

Despite having lived in Northampton on and off for a decade, I’d never visited Northampton Market until I sprained my ankle running across Old South Street a couple of weeks ago.

A trio of good Samaritans, who saw me crumple and winced from across the street, lent me their phones — “I don’t think I’ll have any trouble catching up to you if you try to walk off with it,” joked one — so I could call for a ride. I bought a Coke, waited outside and watched my ankle swell like a cartoon balloon.

The experience, though unpleasant, turned my attention to a place I’d always driven right past. Not only is the store on my way to work, there’s always parking available. And they brew coffee — which costs $1.50 for an extra-large — in the (somewhat embarrassing) novelty flavors I enjoy.

I told the owner, Abdul Aziz Rilshad, that I would start coming every day if he brewed the flavor I like stronger.

“What’s wrong with it?” he asked.

“It’s watery,” I told him.

And that’s how I became a regular. The first day, he told himself, if she doesn’t show, I’ll have wasted an extra pouch of coffee for nothing.

But I was there. And I’ve been there every weekday since. We have an understanding. We both have 2-year-olds who are experiencing “sleep regression.” He even tried my go-to coffee but said he prefers regular flavor.

So this morning, I am feeling grateful for my new morning ritual and the responsive customer service at Northampton Market. Do me a favor and send me a line or two about what’s delighting you locally these days. We’re working on a story about things to be grateful for, and the more responses we get, the richer it will be.



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